News for Dulaney & Towson!

I could not be more thrilled to share the news that County Executive Johnny Olszewski just released an official announcement that promises to dedicate funds for new Dulaney and Towson High School planning! This is one of the most persistent concerns of our neighbors and my constituents in 42B, both before and since the election last year. Our kids and students deserve a safe and comfortable learning environment and our new CE has prioritized this because as a former teacher he "gets it". Many of your "electeds" have been working tirelessly to finally get to this point after years of empty promises and I am so proud of our collaborative efforts! This is the first step but an important one forward!

bill signing .jpg

Bill Signings!

Governor Hogan signed HB611 ( to set timelines for Independent Educational Evaluations during the IEP process) and HB 1019 (to require a pause for appropriate piloting and standard-setting for new high stakes graduation exams before they can be used for graduation decisions) into law!


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As a developmental psychologist, disabilities advocate, mother of three sons with challenges and a member of the Maryland State Board of Education, Dr. Michele Guyton brings a unique combination of training and personal experience to real-world challenges, resulting in better outcomes for people and communities in 42B. Elected to the State House in 2018, Michele will be sworn in on January 9, 2019. Take a moment to look around the site to learn more about Michele and contact us!