Yesterday I had the honor of presenting Citations to 6 WWII veterans at Stella Maris Senior Center. The courage and selflessness of their generation is inspiring and reminds us to never forget their sacrifices and the sacrifices of those serving in our military today. It is our duty to support their physical and emotional needs when they come home and care for their families when they do not. We will feature a list of individuals and their service on our website soon.


Our Guyton 42B team (Thanks Sebastien and Lisa) organized a terrifically informative listening session with Maryland farmers and agricultural educators from the State and District. We discussed everything from crop damage to hemp. Many thanks to @Senator Katie Fry Hester for rallying members of the Senate and joining me to study and address agricultutal issues in the GAM. Thank you to the fabulous team at our Maryland State Fairgrounds who helped us organize and offered great space. We look forward to working with this community in the next Session.


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Do you live in District 42B?

District 42B is a beautiful and diverse district running from just outside Parkville all the way to the Pennsylvania state line. The pristine rural landscapes of 42B are an important resource for our region.